Putin head penny.  From Trumped Music. This image and Trumped Music copyright © 2017 Compound Sound LLC.

Impressionist Christopher John… Beyond Imitation

From his studio work on motion pictures, animation series, audiobooks and albums, to his stage work in Las Vegas, Florida, and California, Christopher John’s impressions have wowed crowds and impressed many producers, including America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell.

For Christopher, clowning around comes naturally, as does his serious-as-a-heart-attack approach to the process of capturing the essence of most any character and freeing its true soul.

Speaking of heart attacks, Christopher was credited with helping to save the life of a man in the street, and he spent some time contemplating a career in law enforcement, before realizing his interest in public service is best carried out by making people laugh.

Because laughter is an involuntary response, it gets to the truth of things faster than any polygraph, which if ‘officer’ Christopher John ever had to administer to the current president, would likely meltdown the lie detector and possibly cause a regional power outage.

Christopher’s deep passion for both stage and studio work begins with his universal desire to connect in a very personal way with the audience. Unlike the president’s locker room talk of pussy grabbing, Christopher treats his audience with the deepest respect, and at most will only try to grab your hearts and minds.

With that we hope you enjoy our parody of life in a Trumped nation. And if you don’t, well, you are under arrest!

Always yours,

Impressionist Christopher John

Producer & Engineer Brian Benson… On Track

Vintage motorcycle mechanic Brian Benson traded in his track time on-and-off-road for a 96-track sound studio, first washing his hands well to avoid smearing grease all over his keyboards, knobs, faders and other control surfaces.

After college, Brian moved to Manhattan and did not own a TV set, so he never watched TV. Now imagine if ALL Americans would have done that in 2016… just like magic, Donald Trump’s presidency would have vanished into thin air. No TV, no Trump.

With creative and production credits for many clients on both coasts and windy city midwest, Brian demands precision and quality on every project Compound Sound LLC releases. He also demands quality and precision from all U.S. elected officials– our public servants.

To deal with the new breed of dishonest, graft-ridden, truly oily politicians currently running Washington D.C. into the ground, Brian has an entire tool box of resources at his disposal. To fix a broken political system, time to reach for a bigger ‘humor hammer’ among other things.

Voice Master Andrew Harris… Amerikanski Asset

With deep roots in the Pacific Northwest, Andrew Harris brings a uniquely mellow intensity to his voice impressions and acting work.

On the first two tracks of the Trumped Music album, Andrew is the man behind CompoundSound’s parody of president Putin.

Becoming president Trump’s manipulator requires ultimate diligence, and Andrew is, how you say, one tough cookie.

He stay fit by eating less carbohydrate, and riding horses with no shirt.

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